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Satronen Sound choose JoeCo BlackBox to capture Mumford & Sons


Photo credit: Jeff Swanson.

JoeCo Site


BLACKBOX RECORDER Wins 2012 TEC Award and Readers' Choice Award


The JoeCo BlackBox Recorder, designed in partnership with Sintefex Audio Lda, has received a TEC award. The BlackBox Recorder was voted Winner of the Recording Devices category at the 27th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards. Winners were announced at a special event held during the 2012 NAMM Show.

Also at NAMM, the results of the Third Annual Pro Sound Web and Live Sound International Readers' Choice Awards were announced, with JoeCo achieving a second consecutive win in the Live Recording Hardware category, this time for the new BlackBox BBR64-MADI Recorder. The results followed 6 weeks of voting by thousands of Live Sound International and Pro Sound Web readers.

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JoecCo previews BlackBox iPad App


NAMM 2012: JoeCo has previewed the brand new BlackBox App for iPad developed by Sintefex Audio together with JoeCo to provide a fully functioned remote control for the BlackBox range of Recorders and Players.

Designed to provide remote control at the FOH desk or other key locations, the BlackBox App's high precision metering allows the engineer to keep a close eye on critical levels, no matter where the BlackBox hardware is located.

The BlackBox App is expected to be available free of charge from the Apple App Store later in 2012, but will require some chargeable hardware required for data communciations with the BlackBox hardware.

JoeCo Site


BLACKBOX RECORDERS capture George Michael


A total of eight JoeCo BlackBox BBR64-MADI recorders, designed in a joint venture between JoeCo and Sintefex Audio, were used on the recent George Michael Symphonica Tour to capture 2x256 channels of audio in what was potentially one of the largest live recording projects to date.

In addition to their nightly recording function, and the additional capture of soundchecks, the BlackBoxes were also used in Virtual Soundcheck mode for system set-ups, replaying material from previous shows to help balance and EQ the PA system at each venue.

At the Royal Opera House, four further BBR64-MADI units were connected to an additional DiGiCo console, generating broadcast mixes for this particular show. As well as running an extra 256-channel record, the BlackBox recorders also acted as a playback engine for making adjustments to the broadcast mix.

The BlackBox BBR64-MADI Recorders were supplied by Wigwam Acoustics Ltd ( and JoeCo Ltd. Image used by kind permisssion.

JoeCo News


BLACKBOX RECORDER now with Dante and MADI interfaces for full 64-channel recording in one box


JoeCo has announced the 64-channel BlackBox Recorder designed in collaboration with Sintefex Audio. The MADI enabled unit supports both coaxial and optical MADI connections for interfacing with any MADI equipped console or other equipment. Additionally, the BBR64-MADI caters for 56-channel legacy MADI and can record an additional eight channels of analogue (balanced line in) for capturing the audience or general ambience.

The BlackBox BBR64-MADI Recorder records up to 64 channels directly to Broadcast WAV files on an external USB2 drive, yet still only occupies one unit of rack space.

The BlackBox BBR-Dante Recorder can connect to any Dante-enabled network device from a broad range of console and converter manufacturers to offer 32-channel recording and playback. Supporting standard network components and switches (Gigabit Ethernet over Cat 5 cable), it can similarly record up to eight channels of analogue (balanced line in) alongside the inputs from the Dante network. For synchronisation purposes the BBR-Dante system can lock to and generate word clock, or lock to the incoming Dante audio stream.

For full details, visit the JoeCo website.

JoeCo Site


Cave Productions at Abbey Road and Liquid Channel


Sintefex's Dynamic Convolution is patented technology that uses a unique process of applying a collection of impulse responses taken from the original equipment to exactly simulate the sound of the original equipment.

Liquid Channel is manufactured exclusively by Focusrite Engineering Ltd under licence from Sintefex Audio Lda, Portugal. Liquid Channel is a trademark of Focusrite. Dynamic Convolution is a trademark of Sintefex Audio Lda.

Focusrite Liquid Channel


BBR Wins Resolution Award for Best Recorder


Readers voted in the the JoeCo BLACKBOX RECORDER as the Best Recorder in the 2010 Reader Poll.

The Resolution Awards recognise quality and innovation in professional audio and BLACKBOX RECORDER won in the face of stiff competition.

Sintefex is pleased to be part of the success of the Joeco BLACKBOX RECORDER as the supplier of the hardware and software implementation of this award winning product.

JoeCo Site


Dynamic Convolution meets Telefunken


Focusrite licenses Sintefex's patented Dynamic Convolution Technology to deliver classic microphone amplifier re-creations in this award winning workstation interface.

Amp sums up his opinion: "The key is all these Telefunken, Neve and other great mic pres that you normally look for in hardware are built right into the unit".

More on this


Cambridge Computer Lab Magazine features Sintefex


Cambridge University Computer Laboratory's magazine, "The Ring" (named after the pioneering work done on the "Cambridge Ring Network") features an interview with Sintefex founder Mike Kemp.

Mike Kemp obtained his degree at Cambridge, and engaged in research at the Computer Laboratory in the 1970's. "The Ring" magazine features alumni of the University Laboratory, and chose Mike Kemp for a recent interview.

Mike discusses his history in music recording, digital arts and the unique Dynamic Convolution technology which he invented and continues to develop within Sintefex Audio.

More on the Cambridge Ring




Designed to attach to the inserts of any live mixing console, the JoeCo BLACKBOX RECORDER captures up to 24 tracks of live audio at 24 Bit / 96kHz, without the need to have a computer at the performance. Audio is recorded in industry-standard Broadcast WAV format onto a regular USB2, FAT32 formatted drive.

BLACKBOX RECORDER was designed in collaboration with Sintefex Audio, who developed the custom hardware and software to deliver this unique performance in a stand-alone product. Pictured is Joe Bull, Managing Director of JoeCo Ltd, after receiving the award at PLASA, September 2009.

JoeCo Site


NAMM 2009: Focusrite Launches Liquid Saffire 56


Sintefex's Unique Dynamic Convolution Technology enters the Firewire Mic Channel market with this amazing new offering from Focusrite.

Focusrite Liquid 56


NAMM 2009: JoeCo Launches BlackBox Recorder


Startup company JoeCo (UK) launches its first product, the BlackBox Recorder, designed in collaboration with Sintefex Audio.

Managing Director Joe Bull conceived the unique stand-alone 24-track USB disk recorder, and chose Sintefex Audio to implement the electronic and software design.

JoeCo Site


Sintefex Delivers Liquid Mix HD*


AES, San Francisco, October 2008: Focusrite unveils the latest Dynamic Convolution* Product invented and designed by Sintefex Audio: Liquid Mix HD for Digidesign Protools TDM* systems.

Liquid Mix with its dedicated specialised DSP has provided the industry with innovative emulations of classic recording gear for some time. Now Liquid Mix HD provides the same performance as an embedded solution for the professional using Digidesign Protools TDM systems.

Now the ultra low latency of the Dynamic Convolution algorithm can be patched into the digital signal chain, satisfying the demand for high end production and low latency essential for live and real time use.

*Liquid Mix and Liquid Mix HD are trademarks of Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd. Protools and TDM are trademarks of Digidesign Inc. Focusrite are the sole manufacturers and suppliers of Liquid Mix. Dynamic Convolution is a trademark and patented technology of Sintefex Audio Lda.

Focusrite Liquid Mix* Product Range


Liquid Mix Challenge


Can you tell the difference?

The idiosyncratic nature of the units ... has been captured favourably', writes Rich, adding 'I bought a unit myself'.

Liquid Mix Challenge


Sintefex Receives MIX TEC Award for Liquid Mix


Pictured are some of the Sintefex development team with the Liquid Mix Technical Excellence and Creativity Award presented by MIX magazine to Sintefex and Focusrite.

The unique Liquid Mix continues to break new ground with a commitment to ongoing improvement in cost effectiveness along with improved signal processing accuracy and user interface.

2007 TEC Awards



Focusrite has launched the Liquid4Pre, a new state of the art 4 channel microphone preamplifier incorporating Sintefex's unique Dynamic Convolution emulation technology to emulate a vast range of classic microphone preamplifiers.

Liquid4Pre extends the unique Liquid Channel technology, offering front end impedance matching, emulated response matching and variable 2nd harmonic control to achieve stringent accuracy of emulation of the original sampled equipment, from tube to solid state and transformer to electrical balance input.

With the best of modern technology including 99 memories for channel patches, 99 memories for system patches, ethernet remote control, choice of peak and VU meter display, 192k sampling, gain and control linkage between channels for identical stereo or multichannel matching, AES and ADAT (tm) (standard) and Ethersound (tm) (optional) interfaces, this is an ideal match of analogue excellence and digital perfection.

Focusrite Liquid4Pre


Liquid Mix Wins 2007 Technical Excellence and Creativity Award


The Focusrite Liquid Mix (tm) has been awarded the 2007 TEC Award for Outstandng Technical Achievement in the category of Signal Processing Technology Hardware.

The Liquid Mix uses Sintefex's patented Dynamic Convolution Technology to accurately emulate many classic EQ's and Compressors in an affordable DSP FireWire based add-on to any DAW.

Sintefex was also chosen by Focusrite to implement the hardware and software design for this unit, resulting in an extremely cost effective and easy to use audio processor for modern music production.

2007 TEC Awards


Liquid Mix Wins M.I.P.A. award


Sintefex Technical Director, Mike Kemp, inventor of the Liquid Mix, is pictured here at MusikMesse 2007 with the brand new m.i.p.a. 2007 award for "Best Recording Hardware".

This award for the the Focusrite Liquid Mix, invented and developed for Focusrite by Sintefex in an industry rocking development partnership, was elected the best recording hardware of 2007 by more than 300 international representatives.

The mipa Musikmesse International Press Award is regarded as the "Grammy" of the Musical Instrument/Pro Audio industry.

MusikMesse MIPA 2007 winners


Kaiser Chiefs and Marshall Jefferson with Liquid Mix Success


The Kaiser Chiefs find Liquid Mix fantastic, while Liquid Mix saves Acid House inventor Marshall Jefferson half a million dollars!

Find out more with this link...

Focusrite Liquid Mix


LIQUID MIX - An Industry Standard


Do you recognise these people? They have all fallen in love with Liquid Mix, the latest product on the market to use Sintefex's Dynamic Convolution techniques to make digital audio sound good with the sound of classic analogue gear.

BT, Thom Russo, Bryan Carlstrom, Tor Hyams, Glenn Rosenstein and Carmen Rizzo (shown above) all have great things to say about the Liquid Mix.

Together with artistes like U2, Madonna, Jay-Z, Prince, Alice in Chains and Anthrax these engineers and producers know a good thing when they hear it.

For more information, check out the Focusrite web site...

Focusrite Liquid Mix


FX8000 in Italy for World Music


The recording studio of EIOS (international world music artist) near Milan has now installed an FX-8000.

"FX-8000: it's a miracle, this box is more than simple processor, it is a complete mastering solution for the 21st century"


Sintefex Receives US Patents on Dynamic Convolution and Compressor Emulation


Sintefex Audio and inventor Mike Kemp are pleased to announce that the US patent office has now granted two patents on the EQ and dynamics sampling technology used in the flagship award winning FX8000 Replicator, and under licence in the Focusrite Liquid Mix(tm) and Liquid Channel(tm).

Mike Kemp said "I was investigating reasons why digital processing wasn't sounding good ten years ago when I invented the techniques covered in these two patents. There have been many other people wanting to do the same, perhaps inspired by technical papers and demonstrations I have given over the past few years. I'm pleased that although it has taken a long time to get these patents through the international system and issued in the United States, at least the priority of my ideas has been acknowledged to precede many recent offerings."

The two patents cover both the much discussed Dynamic Convolution (tm) process (7,039,194), and the techniques for digitally simulating dynamics processors by storing the parameters of an analogue system (7,095,860).


Liquid Mix a Certified Hit


Sintefex Technology is set to revolutionise desktop recording with the arrival of the Focusrite Liquid Mix(tm). This Firewire based DSP processor with tactile control surface brings real sounding EQ and dynamics to the audio workstation.

Sintefex has worked for a long period with Focusrite to mould Sintefex's patented Dynamic Convolution(tm) Technology into an affordable package for the modern recording industry.

Sintefex's award winning flagship FX8000 Replicator remains available, ideal for dedicated real time installations where its massive DSP complement and its sampling, simulation and reverberation algorithms remain unequalled.

Focusrite Liquid Mix


Sintefex Technology Wins Prestigious TEC Award


Sintefex is proud to be awarded, along with Focusrite, the MIX Technical Excellence and Creativity Award for its technology innovation embodied in the Focusrite Liquid Channel Mic Preamplifier.

Dynamic Convolution Technology, invented by Sintefex, enables a whole new world in which it is possible to emulate the sound of classical analogue equipment by digital sampling of the original, freeing the digital world from its sadly earned spectre of sounding cold and harsh.

TEC Awards nominations are made by a panel of industry professionals and voted upon by the subscribers of Mix, the leading trade magazine of the recording and sound production industry.

Mix Foundation


Rui Veloso installs FX8000


Leading Portuguese musician Rui Veloso has purchased a 4-channel FX8000 for use in his private studio.

Rui has used the FX8000 on a variety of projects over the last couple of years and we are pleased that he has found it such an essential part of his recording work that he has now purchased a machine for permanent use.

"Thank u for letting me be part of this amazing world !" he writes.


FX8000 surrounds Germany



Naestved Produktionschool Buys FX8000


The recording studio at NPS (Naestved Produktionschool, Denmark) has now installed an FX-8000 and Producer and Engineer Morten Freisleben Nielsen is the proud user:

"I use the FX-8000 for almost everything ...recording / mix and mastering. The sound is just incredible - very warm and nice.

The open structure where you can add new programs and samples and the flexible routing is very nice too.

It`s an easy and quick way to get your hands on all those wonderful machines.

The FX-8000 is a MUST for me - nothing less!

Naestved Produktionschool


New mp3 examples of Replicator Processing Posted


We have recently posted mp3 files demonstrating the use of Replicator on typical Project Studio output for CD mastering. These show the effect of Replicator's analogue sampled EQ and compression, as well as the use of FX8000 reverb algorithms.

Audio Examples


Version 3.1 Software for Replicator Released


Sintefex Audio are pleased to announce the release of Replicator software v3.1 for the FX2000 and FX8000.

With this version we unveil improved Replicator technology that makes EQ models much more accurate, eliminating reported inaccuracies at low frequencies. This also largely eliminates errors in "zero" or "flat" setting (especially of older sampled units) while preserving the unique sound of such units.

We also have added an internal digital routing matrix which offers: Matrix for M/S and L/R operations, Internal routing of a channel output to the input of its channel pair to allow fully floating point patching of audio through both channels in series, and Channel swapping and selection within a stereo pair for AES digital signal patching.

FX2000 and FX8000 users can obtain a free update by download from our Downloads page.

Release Notes


New EQ samples posted


Sintefex Audio have tracked down a rare early Neve equaliser, the 1058 mic channel EQ. This is a very early Neve design and is clearly the basis of the 1073 and 1081 range.

This EQ has been carefully sampled and is now available for download by all FX2000 and FX8000 users from our download page.

We have also added the PQ2050 mastering equaliser.

See our "Sampled Gear" page for more information on sampled audio processors.

Sampled Gear


Replicator Heads for Gold in Spain


Replicator was used in every stage of production of the latest album "Auterretratos" by Luis Eduardo Aute (pictured left, seated), now well on its way to gold.

Javier Monteverde (far left, standing), owner and director of Cezanne Producciones in Madrid engineered the sessions and describes how important the Replicator was in achieving the results he wanted.

"I can say again that the Replicator FX2000 is an absolute must for a dedicated recording and mastering engineer," he says, and adds "Actually, I used Replicator in every stage, recording, mixing and mastering".

Javier gives more details of the recording in a full page interview - just follow the link to see a PDF of it..

Javier Monteverde Interview


Focusrite and Sintefex in Strategic Alliance


AES New York, 10th October 2003: Focusrite Audio Engineering announces "The Liquid Channel(tm)" - a breakthrough in Mic Preamp technology combining Sintefex's unique patented Dynamic Convolution(tm) technology with Focusrite's unequalled expertise in analogue front end design.

Sintefex Audio has been proud to partner Focusrite in the development of this innovative product which brings the unique analogue sampled digital processing of the Sintefex Replicator technology to the mic preamp application.

The Liquid Channel(tm) makes it possible for the first time to possess the sound of virtually every mic preamp in the world and to switch between them at the touch of a button. Never before has it been possible to get the optimum sound from a perfomance so quickly and accurately.

Sintefex's unique FX8000, FX2000 and CX2000 Classic EQ and Compressors using Dynamic Convolution(tm) technology continue to be available for tracking, post-production and mastering. Sintefex believes that The Liquid Channel(tm) is the perfect complement for pro-music recording.

Focusrite/Sintefex Partnership Press Release


Remote Control Software for the Apple Macintosh and the FX2000/FX8000 Released


Responding to the demand from Mac users for a remote control program for the FX2000 and FX8000 Replicator units, we are pleased to announce the release of FxRemote, a remote control package for Apple Mac OSX operating system.

FxRemote is a simple to use program that mimics the front panel of the Replicator unit allowing access to all its functions from the "sweet spot". USB remote control allows the Replicator unit to be placed in a machine room if desired.

FxRemote will also update your Replicator operating software to the current release version. Future updates will allow you to manage upload and download of Replicator programs and effects.

FxRemote is designed for the Apple OSX operating system only. It will not run on the Classic operating systems. It is available free of charge to registered Replicator users from our download page.

Downloads Page


Sintefex Announces Price Reduction Across Replicator Range Effective 1st September 2003


Sintefex Audio is pleased to announce that due to currency variations and a reduction in price of DSP and other components, it has been possible to reduce prices of the unique range of Replicator products.

*Estimated guide price in US dollars excluding tax, shipping and insurance and can vary with territory. Euro price held approximately at parity to the dollar. These are guide prices only based on rates of exchange correct at time of writing. Please contact the distributor for your region for exact current pricing and offers.

**Digital I/O, 44.1/48k sampling. Analogue I/O and 96k are additional price options on CX2000 range. 96k is standard on FX2000 and FX8000. Analogue I/O is an option on FX2000 and standard on FX8000.


Southern Portugal Forest Fires Pass By


After several weeks of serious forest fires in the middle and north of Portugal, on 11th August a major fire in the south west spread from the south coast to the west coast, and on the 12th August 3 fires (pictured) started within kilometres of Sintefex Audio.

For three days the sun was blotted out by smoke as helicopters and aeroplanes supplemented ground forces of the largely volunteer fire forces.

The fight continues as the fires move away to the south threatening Silves and Lagos.

We seem to have been lucky in avoiding damage this time, but our thoughts are with all those not so lucky, and out thanks go the volunteers of the fire services.


Cezanne Productions Adopts Sintefex for Distribution, Production and Mastering in Spain.


Javier Monteverde is well known for classical production work as well as other musical genres so brings classically trained ears to mastering. He has chosen the FX2000 for production and mastering and is now distributing the entire Sintefex range in Spain. He comments:

"The first thing I was really impressed about was the transparency of the machine in terms of sound. If it is in bypass mode, it really does not affect the sound. Good point. Then it really does what it says, the eqs and comps are really great sounding.

"Once you get used to the new "colours", it becomes a great tool exactly for that, to add a vintage analogue colour to your "so perfect" digital mix or recording.

"I can tell you that every time I use the FX2000 I get more involved with the possibilities. It is hard now for me to NOT use it, because it really adds that extra little warmness to the sound that the ear is glad about."

Cezanne Productions Web Site


Sintefex in All-Digital Broadcast Environment


Danish distributor Interstage A/S has recently installed three Sintefex CX-2000 for ON AIR voice processing at Nyhedsradioen 24-7, located in the historic old Copenhagen Stock Exchange building. The station is an around-the-clock talk radio, and is part of the Danish Clear Channel Group, also including Radio Uptown, Radio 2 and other commercial stations.

The installation is an all digital ON AIR and production environment, based on an NTP router and Seector mixing console, facilitating full control of both national and multiple regional advertisement and news block sources during live broadcasting from mixing consoles as well as fully automated programs and breaks from both machines and satellite or other feeds.

The station was insisted on the warm and comfortable tube sound for the microphones, but since the studio is all digital, it was would have introduced unacceptable converter latency to use classical analogue processing.

The Sintefex processors provided the perfect solution with their warm tube sound, but still working in the digital domain, and even facilitating the use of presets for various applications.

Radio 2 already uses Sintefex signal processors in several advertisement production studios in their other locations in Copenhagen and Aarhus, and is now standardising on the units.

Interstage A/S, Copenhagen


FX2000 for Music Radio in Corfu


Sintefex distributor for Greece, Pantheo Sonic Optics & Communications Ltd has installed an FX2000 stereo analogue-sampled digital EQ/compressor at NEO RADIOPHONO based in Corfu Town.

Stefanos Kazianis, General Manager of Neo Radiofono comments "When we faced the FX2000 it took only a few minutes to find our way in the machine's menu.

"Above all we are extremely pleased with the sound quality that is now convincingly full of clarity and detail - something that is immediately appreciated by the listeners. The simulation of the VU meters on the LCD screen is fantastic ".

Tasos Pandis of Pantheo said "In our view the immense sound quality and choice of gear found in the Sintefex FX2000 presents an unbeatable sound and value compared with machines that guide the user on preset music simulation materials.

"It is an innovative approach that we expect to be followed by other radio stations".

Pantho Sonic Optics & Communications Ltd Web Site


Swedish Radio takes two FX2000 Analogue Sound Digital Sampled Classic EQ/Compressors


Tranzicom A/B has delivered two FX2000 units to Swedish Radio, the national broadcaster of Sweden.


Replicator Software Version 3 Released


We are pleased to announce the release of software version 3 for the FX2000 and FX8000 Replicator.

This new software release brings many new and improved features to the Replicator range. The Compressor now features PEAK and RMS mode, as well as even-harmonic-rich half-wave modes for powerful new control over the sound of sampled compressors.

Digital gain link between machines now means that several FX2000 and FX8000 machines may be linked for multi-channel dynamics control. New gain bus linkage options allow surround mixes to vary between full linkage of all channels to (for example) separate linkage of front and rear images, together with proportional control between front to rear.

MIDI remote control of parameters and program loads allow any MIDI sequencer to automate Replicator effects. In addition programs can be loaded seemlessly with a choice of cross-fade time to provide a smooth control change from one setting to another where the same sampled model is used.

Downloads page


Audio Media Reviews FX2000 (October 2002 US Edition, April 2003 European Edition)


KK Proffitt reviews the FX2000 sampled EQ/Compressor and comes to the conclusion the she just can't do without it.

"We liked it so much we bought it", she admits, and adds "You'll have to prize it from my cold dead fingers".

Audio Media


Major European OB Operator Installs 8 Channels of CX2000 Dynamics


Cinevideogroep (Netherlands) has installed CX2000 analogue sound digital compressor in two of its leading video outside broadcast vans.

The OB units operate across Europe and the CX2000 was selected over many major European manufacturers of digital dynamics controllers for its unique analogue sound.



Resolution Magazine (UK) publishes "Sampling Equalisers"


This technical article by Mike Kemp discusses some of the technology concepts behind the Replicator FX2000 and FX8000.

Copies of the article are available for download from our download page.

Downloads page


Sintefex on Front Page in Portugal, Spain and Brazil


A copy of the article in Portuguese and English is available from our "downloads" page.

Downloads page


Interstage Installs More CX2000 Units


Interstage A/S (Copenhagen) has taken delivery of two further CX2000 analogue sound digital stereo compressors for immediate installation in Denmark's leading radio production facility.

Managing Director Finn Juul tells us "Clear Channel (one of the world's largest radio and media chains) station 'Nyhedsradioen 24-7' is located in the old Stock Exchange building in central Copenhagen, and we have installed an all digital environment, where the CX2000 units are used as inserts in the digital on-air and production console, adding Fairchild warmth."

Interstage A/S, Copenhagen


Sintefex Audio Appoints New Representative for Canada

audioPRO International have been appointed to represent the Sintefex Audio range of digital audio sampling Analog Sound Classic EQ and Compressor units, including the FX2000 2-channel and FX8000 multichannel sampling effects processors.

Says Sintefex Commercial Director Mike Eden: "Canada is an important player in film and video post production, and as such we see audioPRO as an important partner in the development of the Canadian market in this new and exciting direction".

Contact Information


Sintefex Audio Appoints New US Representatives

WEST COAST: Jay Frigoletto of Mastersuite (Hollywood) has taken over demonstration and sales of Sintefex products on the west coast.

EAST COAST: Jonathan Wyner of M Works is handling all matters relating to Sintefex Products on the east coast. As a long time user he is able to talk with authority on the products and can arrange demonstrations and sales.

Mike Eden, Commercial Director of Sintefex Audio, says that by putting Sintefex's reputation in the hands of experienced mastering engineers he is confident that technical support for these novel products cannot be better. "You can hear the opinion of an actual user of the equipment" he says.

Contact Information


Dave Collins and the Sintefex FX8000 Replicator


Dave Collins (shown here with his FX8000 in Los Angeles) has been very pleased with the unit since he took delivery over a year ago.

Dave said that it is great because "it does just what it says on the box".

He is particularly happy with its compressor simulations. "It's worth it for the Fairchild simulation alone" he added.

Dave has also sampled his own Fairchild compressor and frequently uses the simulation in preference to the original analog machine. This means he gets all the benefits of the characteristic analog sound together with the advantages of digital working.

e-mail Dave


FX8000 keeps the noise down in Tennessee

Gary Hedden of GHL Audio (Franklin, TN) has highlighted a key feature of his FX8000 Replicator as a mastering tool that continues to amaze his clients.

Gary reports that a great benefit of the sampled EQs and compressors is that you have the analog processing sound, but as the signal level falls, there is no residual hum and noise to be faded out. The signal stays clean right down to silence.

Gary can be contacted on (615) 794 0550 for any mastering job that needs the unique FX8000 sound.

ghl audio





Mosfilm (Moscow) takes an 8-channel FX8000

Sintefex Audio has delivered an 8-channel FX8000 for installation in the sound studios at Moscow's major film production facility.

As well as permitting dynamics control, EQ and reverberation effects on a full 7.1 surround mix with the unique Sintefex Analogue Sound Sampling Technology, an 8-channel system can be used as 4 independent stereo effects, or in combinations of 1 - 8 channel operation.

We would like to welcome Mosfilm as our latest high-end user in film and audio post production.

Mosfilm Sound Studios


New Replicator Software Release Introduces Compressor Side-Chain EQ


September 2002: Replicator Software v2.2.1 released as an update to version 2.2 for FX2000 and FX8000 users.

Version 2.2 adds compressor sidechain EQ which allows fine tuning of dynamics control for such operations as de-essing or reducing low frequency pumping effects on bass heavy material.

FX2000 users get the benefit of a new 4 band digital EQ which can be switched into the sidechain of the compressor or inserted pre- or post-compressor for additional EQ. This is available in addition to the Classic EQ at all sample rates.

FX8000 users will be familiar with the digital EQ section and now also benefit from the side-chain EQ facility. The digital EQ sections can now be reset and restored either individually or together by a simple button press.

Version 2.2.1 adds some minor navigation improvements, better PC remote control (with Replimat software 2.2.1) and corrects occasional loads of classic EQ with incorrect delay trim (which could result in silent EQ's until delay trim was adjusted in v2.2.0).

Free Download


Sintefex at AES Los Angeles

We are exhibiting our unique range of signal processors at the AES Convention Los Angeles, October 5th - 8th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Please come to the DTS booth #1261 to meet the people behind this innovative new technology, to see the products, and just to say hello or to "talk technical".

Audio Engineering Society


"The Lord of the Rings" mastered using FX8000 at Abbey Road


Peter Cobbin, Senior Recording Engineer, pictured here with Abbey Road's 6-channel FX8000 purchased for surround sound mixing including the second two "Lord of the Rings" films, "The Two Towers" and "The Return of the King"

Cobbin says "No other device on the market uses convolution to replicate analogue outboard equipment - plus it comes with its own sampling software, which enables us to sample our own classic valve equipment such as Fairchild compressors and Pultec equalisers."

Cobbin adds: "With its own sampling software the FX8000 makes effects limitless. We can now deliver whatever the project requires with very exciting results."

The FX8000 samples and simulates analogue processors, allowing Classic EQ and Dynamics to be applied digitally across 1 to 8 channels within one unit.

Abbey Road Studios


Abbey Road buys 6-channel FX8000

We are pleased to announce that EMI Abbey Road Studios has installed a 6-channel FX8000 unit at the famous address's West London facility.

The Replicator FX8000 was delivered in time for the surround sound recording of the score of the next film in the Lord of the Rings series.

Abbey Road Studios


London, UK: FX Rentals adds 6-channel FX8000

FX Rentals have added a 6-channel FX8000 to their rental stock to meet the increasing demand for multi-channel dynamics control in film and music recording.

Using the unique ability of the FX8000 Replicator to re-create the sound of analogue compressors and EQ's, it is now possible to process surround mixes as well as stereo and mono channels with perfectly matched analogue sounding effects.

FX Rentals hire equipment throughout the UK and Europe. Contact FX Rentals for rate card information.

FX Rentals


London's Lowland Masters and FX2000 save the day

Nigel Palmer (Lowland Masters, London, UK) reports two highly satisfied clients after the Replicator FX2000 saved the day.

One client commented: "We had another full listen through earlier today & are very excited about the overall quality of the CD ... it definitely sounds clearer & brighter & more balanced than before".

Nigel also reports another of his clients who was not hearing what they wanted. "Cue [Replicator's sampled] Fairchild plus bass-pass sidechain in addition to similar settings to those used previously with other gear, and cue over-excited client who can't believe the difference in the two masters (and neither can I)".

e-mail Nigel


Nashville Notches Up FX8000


Producer and Engineer Tom Laune has become the latest Replicator user in Nashville with an FX8000 unit, pictured together here.

He told us "I am now the proud owner of an FX-8000 and I love it. The Replicator saved the session the other day; when one of my Neve EQs went out I replicated a 1073 and I was on my way."

Tom Laune


Replicator in the Frozen North

Trondheim, Norway: Skansen Lydstudio has purchased a Sintefex FX2000 Analogue Sound Digital Stereo Compressor / Equaliser, making this the most northerly Replicator on record.


New EQs and Compressors added to FX library


Sintefex Audio has added new sampled compressors and equalisers to the FX library of sampled effects. Visit the "Sampled Gear" page for details of many sampled items and the "Download" page to download them to your PC and to your Sintefex product.

Samples include: Neve 1073 channel input equaliser, GML 8200 parametric equaliser, SSL 9000 VCA compressor, Manley variable MU tube compressor.

Sampled Gear


FX2000 in Toronto


Respected mastering house Lacquer Channel has become the first facility in Toronto to recreate the warmth of analogue in an all digital system with the FX2000 Classic EQ Compressor.

Noah Mintz of Grandmasters who chose the unit comments "I used it for about an hour before I knew there was no way I could send it back. I love it..."



Denmark All-Digital Radio Chooses CX2000


Nyhedsradioen 24-7 has chosen the Sintefex CX2000 for analogue sound digital dynamics control in its all-digital ON AIR live installation.


Danish Radio 2 chooses CX2000

Danish production facility Radio 2 has chosen CX2000 for program and advertising production.


Replicator in Nashville

Music Row embraces Replicator technology as top production facility JamSync installs an FX2000 Classic EQ / Compressor. The FX2000 uses digitally sampled analogue effects technology to bring true analogue sound into your digital studio.

Chief Engineer KK Proffitt received the FX2000 for review and in her own words "I liked it so much I bought it".



New Web Download System Introduced May 2002

To make updating of Sintefex machines by customers easier, Sintefex Audio has introduced a new system for downloading software and effects. Touch the "Downloads" pushbutton to visit the new download area. A free password system allows users full access to the "click and download" software and effects page.


Sampled SSL 9000 VCA compressor added May 2002

Get the sampled sound of this big desk compressor for FX2000, FX8000 and CX2000*. Touch the Downloads pushbutton to visit the new download area for effects. (*CX2000 under PC remote control only)


Version 2.1 Software for FX2000 and FX8000 released January/February 2002

The current release of FX2000 and FX8000 software can be downloaded free by Sintefex users. Touch the Downloads pushbutton to get your software update. The latest version is now v2.1.1.


NEW Version 2.1 User Guides for FX2000 and FX8000

Make sure you have the latest documentation for your Sintefex Audio product. Touch the Downloads pushbutton for all documentation in PDF format.


New FX Library Release 31/1/2002

This release features over 500 Effects Samples and Programs including new Classic Compressors samples and completely revamped PROGRAM sections with more than 250 pre-set programs for easy auditioning of FX2000 and FX8000 operations.


Digital Reverberation Programs added to FX8000 AFX Section


FX8000 software version 2.1 adds more power to the Replicator range. Touch the Downloads pushbutton to get your software update.

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