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Satronen Sound choose JoeCo BlackBox to capture Mumford & Sons

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Photo credit: Jeff Swanson.

JoeCo Site

NAMM 2009: JoeCo Launches BlackBox Recorder
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Startup company JoeCo (UK) launches its first product, the BlackBox Recorder, designed in collaboration with Sintefex Audio.

Managing Director Joe Bull conceived the unique stand-alone 24-track USB disk recorder, and chose Sintefex Audio to implement the electronic and software design.

JoeCo Site

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Focusrite has launched the Liquid4Pre, a new state of the art 4 channel microphone preamplifier incorporating Sintefex's unique Dynamic Convolution emulation technology to emulate a vast range of classic microphone preamplifiers.

Liquid4Pre extends the unique Liquid Channel technology, offering front end impedance matching, emulated response matching and variable 2nd harmonic control to achieve stringent accuracy of emulation of the original sampled equipment, from tube to solid state and transformer to electrical balance input.

With the best of modern technology including 99 memories for channel patches, 99 memories for system patches, ethernet remote control, choice of peak and VU meter display, 192k sampling, gain and control linkage between channels for identical stereo or multichannel matching, AES and ADAT (tm) (standard) and Ethersound (tm) (optional) interfaces, this is an ideal match of analogue excellence and digital perfection.

Focusrite Liquid4Pre

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Sintefex Audio is dedicated to innovative research, development and manufacturing of digital audio products for the professional user. Sintefex Audio is the pioneer of its unique Dynamic Convolution (tm) system which allows digital audio processing to be as rich and complex as analogue processing, and by using digital samples of classic analogue processors allows the depth and warmth of analogue processing effects to be available in the digital domain for the first time.

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