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Sintefex Audio is dedicated to innovative research, development and consultancy in relation to digital audio technology and manufacturing of digital audio products for the professional user.

Sintefex Audio Lda is a European private limited company incorporated in Portugal and owned and run by three English directors who have a long and dedicated involvement with audio and recording. Manufacturing, sales, administration and software development takes place in S. Marcos da Serra in the south of Portugal, and hardware and additional software research and development takes place at our Cambridge Research Office, Cambridge, UK.

Sintefex Audio was founded in 1997 by Mike Kemp and Mike Eden. Simon Widdowson joined in 1998 as director of UK Research and Development to head the Cambridge Research Office.

President and Commercial Director: Mike Eden

Mike Eden has a background in Sales, Service and Corporate Management and has a keen interest in the arts. 

Mike Eden is based in Portugal and is the first point of contact for all matters relating to sales and marketing.

Technical Director: Michael J Kemp

Mike Kemp has had a long involvement with audio and the electronic arts dating from his university days when after graduating from Emmanuel College, Cambridge, UK, with a Master of Arts in mathematics and computer science he turned down a research post at the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory to found his first studio business. He has mixed practical audio engineering with technical research and development in computer, audio and video fields. Mike Kemp is based in Portugal and handles all technical matters and coordinates international research and development.

Director of UK Research: Simon Widdowson

Simon Widdowson joined Sintefex Audio in 1998 as director of UK research and development. He first worked with Mike Kemp when he graduated from Cambridge University and joined Spaceward Microsystems in 1985 as a test engineer but his abilities soon lead to the design engineer role.

In 1991 he was a founder member of Studio Audio and Video where he masterminded the hardware development of the SADiE, Octavia and 24 96 products, gaining considerable experience in DSP, digital audio interfacing and high bit rate / high sample rate analogue conversion. He has continued to consult to provide ongoing technical support and has also developed a MADI 64 channel digital interface.

He has a degree in engineering from Churchill College, Cambridge and is an associate member of the IEE.

Simon Widdowson is based in Cambridge, UK, where he coordinates the UK research and development effort.

How to Visit Us...

In all case please arrange it with us in advance. We can give you up to date directions, meet you at Faro airport or Tunes station or just guide you in by mobile.

By Plane and Car...

Fly into Faro or Lisbon. Allow about 1 hour to drive from Faro, about 2 - 3 hours from Lisbon depending on time of day.

By Car...

From Lisbon...

Take the A2 motorway (tolls up to about 20 euros) to the Algarve. Exit at Castro Verde (also signed for Ourique). Then take the IC1 from Ourique to S. Marcos da Serra, (about 25km). Exit at S. Marcos and head for the village. If you miss the exit at Castro Verde do not take the next exit but come off at Messines and follow the directions below.

From Faro...

Take the motorway (Via Infanta) towards Portimao (opposite direction from Spain). When you are on the the Via Infanta you can join the A2 signposted Lisboa for one junction exiting at Messines (toll about 1 euro 50), or you can stay on the Via Infanta until the next exit signposted Lisboa, IC1 (which has no toll). The IC1 is not dual carriageway but is usually not too busy.

The IC1 goes by Messines (where you can join from the A2) and continues north a further 10km to S. Marcos da Serra. Exit and pass over the IC1 on the bridge and head for the village of S. Marcos.

From S. Marcos da Serra...

The road from the IC1 passes the station and heads a further 1km into the village. At this point it is essential that you contact us for detailed directions to our site. If you go up the hill and turn sharp left at the top you will find the Cafe Central opposite the church (signposted "Igreja"). We can meet you at the cafe.

By Train...

The inter-city "Alfa-Pendula" service from Lisbon (pre-booked tickets only) stops at Tunes, about 20km south of us. Either take a taxi or arrange for us to collect you.

The inter-regional stops at more stations including S.Marcos da Serra. The station is about 3km from us. There are not usually taxis around so arrange for us to collect you.

The Region...

Sintefex Audio is based in the well known Algarve area in the south of Portugal, an area surely destined to be the 'California' of Europe. It already has the climate and it is growing its high tech industry at an increasing rate. The Algarve is well known as a tourist centre but here an ideal environment exists for research and development and it is a perfect manufacturing centre for Europe and world. Despite being a recent member of the EU the infrastructure benefits from fast communications with the rest of Europe by air, by a new motorway network and by electronic means with a full digital telephone system and ISDN links. Most shipping services (for example DHL, our recommended operator) operate a standard 48 hour service between us and the US and Europe.

Sintefex Audio is located approximately 50 minutes by main road from Faro airport. Faro is 150 minutes by air from Paris and London, 180 minutes from Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich and Milan. We are within 2 hours by road of Lisbon, capital of Portugal, and within 3 hours of Seville in Spain. Seville provides major rail, road and air links to Madrid and all Spanish territories. Lisbon provides further access to Europe, the US and South America with New York about 6 hours away.

Because Portugal is a member of the Shengen agreement on a common border, transit to and from most European countries including Germany, Spain and Holland is free of passport control making it an ideal trading partner for non-Europeans who are fed up with airport form-filling and holdups when travelling around. Portugal has adopted the Euro as its currency further easing trade between Europe and the rest of the world.

euro currency symbol  euro friendly            all products designed and manufactured in the EU European flag
1 euro has replaced:
200.482 Portuguese escudos    1.95583 Deutsche marks    6.55957 French francs    0.787564 Irish pounds    2.20371 Dutch guilders    166.386 Spanish pesetas    1936.27 Italian lira    40.3399 Belgian & Luxembourg francs    5.94573 Finnish markka    13.7603 Austrian schillings

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