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Sintefex Receives US Patents on Dynamic Convolution and Compressor Emulation

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Sintefex Audio and inventor Mike Kemp are pleased to announce that the US patent office has now granted two patents on the EQ and dynamics sampling technology used in the flagship award winning FX8000 Replicator, and under licence in the Focusrite Liquid Mix(tm) and Liquid Channel(tm).

Mike Kemp said "I was investigating reasons why digital processing wasn't sounding good ten years ago when I invented the techniques covered in these two patents. There have been many other people wanting to do the same, perhaps inspired by technical papers and demonstrations I have given over the past few years. I'm pleased that although it has taken a long time to get these patents through the international system and issued in the United States, at least the priority of my ideas has been acknowledged to precede many recent offerings."

The two patents cover both the much discussed Dynamic Convolution (tm) process (7,039,194), and the techniques for digitally simulating dynamics processors by storing the parameters of an analogue system (7,095,860).

BLACKBOX RECORDERS capture George MichaelNAMM 2009: Focusrite Launches Liquid Saffire 56
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A total of eight JoeCo BlackBox BBR64-MADI recorders, designed in a joint venture between JoeCo and Sintefex Audio, were used on the recent George Michael Symphonica Tour to capture 2x256 channels of audio in what was potentially one of the largest live recording projects to date.

In addition to their nightly recording function, and the additional capture of soundchecks, the BlackBoxes were also used in Virtual Soundcheck mode for system set-ups, replaying material from previous shows to help balance and EQ the PA system at each venue.

At the Royal Opera House, four further BBR64-MADI units were connected to an additional DiGiCo console, generating broadcast mixes for this particular show. As well as running an extra 256-channel record, the BlackBox recorders also acted as a playback engine for making adjustments to the broadcast mix.

The BlackBox BBR64-MADI Recorders were supplied by Wigwam Acoustics Ltd ( and JoeCo Ltd. Image used by kind permisssion.

JoeCo News

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Sintefex's Unique Dynamic Convolution Technology enters the Firewire Mic Channel market with this amazing new offering from Focusrite.

Focusrite Liquid 56

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