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Sintefex Receives MIX TEC Award for Liquid Mix

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Pictured are some of the Sintefex development team with the Liquid Mix Technical Excellence and Creativity Award presented by MIX magazine to Sintefex and Focusrite.

The unique Liquid Mix continues to break new ground with a commitment to ongoing improvement in cost effectiveness along with improved signal processing accuracy and user interface.

2007 TEC Awards

Cave Productions at Abbey Road and Liquid ChannelBBR Wins Resolution Award for Best Recorder
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Rob Cass founded Cave Productions and now works in association with the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. Despite having access to all Abbey Road's original gear he uses the incredible Dynamic Convolution™ technology in the Focusrite Liquid Channel™ for virtually all his recording needs.

“I can use any of that kit, but the truth is I don't need to, the emulations are really excellent, they just sound fantastic.” he says. “I've got my dream chain of an 1176, a Neve 1081, and an LA2A all in the Liquid Channel. I love the recall facility, everything comes up exactly as it was before. That's a huge thing for us”.

“You've done some incredible work”, Rob tells Mike Kemp, inventor of Dynamic Convolution and Technical Director of Sintefex Audio.

Sintefex's Dynamic Convolution is patented technology that uses a unique process of applying a collection of impulse responses taken from the original equipment to exactly simulate the sound of the original equipment.

Liquid Channel is manufactured exclusively by Focusrite Engineering Ltd under licence from Sintefex Audio Lda, Portugal. Liquid Channel is a trademark of Focusrite. Dynamic Convolution is a trademark of Sintefex Audio Lda.

Focusrite Liquid Channel

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Readers voted in the the JoeCo BLACKBOX RECORDER as the Best Recorder in the 2010 Reader Poll.

The Resolution Awards recognise quality and innovation in professional audio and BLACKBOX RECORDER won in the face of stiff competition.

Sintefex is pleased to be part of the success of the Joeco BLACKBOX RECORDER as the supplier of the hardware and software implementation of this award winning product.

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Sintefex Audio is dedicated to innovative research, development and manufacturing of digital audio products for the professional user. Sintefex Audio is the pioneer of its unique Dynamic Convolution (tm) system which allows digital audio processing to be as rich and complex as analogue processing, and by using digital samples of classic analogue processors allows the depth and warmth of analogue processing effects to be available in the digital domain for the first time.

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